Recolha Uniformizada e Nacional de Informação Relevante em Cuidados Intensivos Pediátricos
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Material and Methods

Elaboration of a data collection form, after discussion of a preliminary data form in a meeting with one representative from each PICU.

Simultaneous elaboration of "Investigators Manual" which contains the data protocol and the necessary details to a correct filling of the data form, through an internet based software application.

Development of the internet based software application using PHP technology. The application will be developed as modular software, that will allow future expansion of the data to be collected. All data to be collected will be checked for it presence and validity, accordingly with previously defined limits, as they are submitted online.

Collected data will be stored in an Oracle® database, which is located in a server with frequent backups and password protected.

Data will be collected during a 24 months period and on all admission to involved PICUs, of children aged 29 days to 16 years old.

Inter-observer reliability will be evaluated in the 2nd trimester of the project, through a second collection of approximately 10% of admissions of the 1st trimester.

Another software application will be developed to allow online elaboration of a brief descriptive report of the main characteristic of PICU population and of PICU care. These reports will be possible for each PICU and for the global (national) population and also for time periods to be specified by the user.

Elaboration of a final report in the form of a monograph, with a summary in English, to be distributed to all the hospitals that provide care to children and to the national health authorities.

At the first fase, all units that care exclusively for children or children and neonates and are part of a Pediatric Hospital or a Pediatric Department in a general hospital were invited, and accepted, to participate in this project (HGSA, HMP, HSJ, HPC, HSM, HDE, HGO, HFF, HDF). On a second fase, the adults ICU that care for children will be invited to join this project.

Developed by: SBIM / CI